Sith Academy
Korriban - Sith Academy

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Shortly after entering, Darth Sion will greet you and then send his cloaked Sith Assassin squads after your party. You'll do battle with small groups of them in several places, just as you did back on the space ship Harbinger at Peragus. You will also fight several Tuk'ata, more four legged beasts. Your main goal is to find Master Lonna Vash, at #7, but to get there you'll need to pass a few tests, administered at the computer at #3. With preparation for your tests at the library at #4, however, and with this walkthrough, you'll do just fine. Before you leave, you will encounter Darth Sion again, this time in a battle.

I'd also advise exploring every area not numbered for containers, items and skirmishes with Sith Assassins before taking on the quests.

1 - Exit

Exit to Valley of Dark Lords (#3). The exit will be sealed shut as soon as you enter, and you'll do battle with three Tuk'ata in the room.

2 - Footlocker

Check this footlocker for a datapad with instructions on how to use the training computer at #3, then go and use it.

3 - Training Console

Once you've found the datapad at #2, use this computer to create an ID, then for training library access, enter your ID: 3401726-B853S5O0X001. This will open the locked library door at #4. Proceed to the library at #4, explore the area there and use the console to "study" for your test. When you get back, use this console again to take the Level One Test. Skip #3a below if you want to figure them out for yourself.

  • a) Level One Test:

    The answers to the questions in order are as follows:

    1: Freedon Nadd
    2: 20
    3: Gizka
    4: "I always lie"
    5: Passion, strength, power, victory.

    After you successfully answer four of five, you automatically are granted level two training access, at #6. This will be the last time you need to use the training computer here.

    4 - Library & Thorium Charges

    After gaining access to this section at #3 (and battling the Sith Assassins), you'll find a datapad and thorium charges inside of a bag in the room. You can either use the thorium charges here at #5, but I recommend saving them and using them once you inevitably get to Dxun, for more items. See #5 below for more.

    5 - Locked Door, Uthar's Old Room

    In the first game, this was Uthar Wynn's old room, and it was also difficult to get into. This time, you need powerful explosives. You can find them at #4. Depending on whether you chose Revan to be Light or Dark Side near the beginning of the game, you have a chance of damaging the holocron inside the room. If Revan was Dark Side, the holocron will be preserved, and if Light, it will be destroyed. As mentioned above however, you will find more items at Dxun by using the charges, so if you don't currently have two sets of them (one from Dantooine's droid merchant Akkere), perhaps save your game, see what happens and reload to save the charges for Dxun. [Thanks to all who wrote in about this door and the extra Thorium Charges on Dantooine.]

    6 - Level Two Training Console

    Use the console here to take the level two test, and surprisingly, a higher level test will be administered instead: four starving tuk'ata race out of their cages to battle. Defeat them, which isn't very hard, and check back with the console for your report card. Unfortunately you failed the test in the allotted time limit (which always happens) and you're sent to detention, at #7. Head there now.

    7 - Lonna Vash & Console

    In detention, you'll find the remains of Lonna Vash in a cage, a former Jedi Master who was held captive. Check the remains for a double-bladed lightsaber, and then use the console here. Log in with Lonna Vash's ID and open the front doors. Your only objective now is to head back out and optionally take on short detour of the Shyrack Cave. However, there is one more obstacle at #8: Darth Sion. Before you reach the central chamber save your game, and see below.

    8 - Darth Sion

    After finding the remains of Lonna Vash, you'll encounter this Sith Master here with two assassins accompanying him. When the battle begins, make sure you're using an advantageous technique, and use a few stimulants. Then throw on an energy shield and concentrate everyone's attack on Sion. When his vitality is mostly depleted, Kreia will telepathically connect with you and tell you to escape, which is exactly what happens.

    You'll find yourself at the entrance to the academy. If you are fairly strongly aligned with either the light or dark side of the force, now would be a good time to head into the Shyrack Cave and then the Secret Tomb, which only allows access to strongly aligned characters. If you are not, wait and come back later.