Refugee Landing Pad
Nar Shaddaa - Refugee Landing Pad

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If you're an old timer like me, you may have played the original Dark Forces game, where one of the great levels of the game was on Nar Shaddaa. You'll find that this Nar Shaddaa is much different, as if a cleaner bot came and washed away all the graffiti, trash and anarchistic energy from the place. You'll still find shady people here however, and the most quests of any area in the game. Perhaps this is really how it looked 4,000 years before the events in Dark Forces.

Your main goal in Nar Shaddaa is to find Jedi Master Zez-Kai Ell, but in order to find him, you have to first get noticed by the Exchange. In fact, once you've earned enough recognition (positive or negative or both) with the Exchange by doing quests around Nar Shaddaa, events will trigger that eventually lead to the Jedi Master. The important part, however, is completing quests and thoroughly exploring areas. Though you certainly do not have to complete or take on all of them - Dark Siders will likely turn down as many as possible and still earn enough recognition - I'd recommend taking on or solving as many as possible for your alignment simply for the xp.

Nar Shaddaa is separated into four main areas. The Refugee Landing Pad is where you begin. The Docks are to the north and the Refugee Quad is to the south. To the east is the small Entertainment Promenade. To the north of the Docks is an exit to the Jekk Jekk Tarr cantina, and is where you'll spend your time after finally earning recognition from the Exchange. By following the walkthrough, you'll be assured of every opportunity for experience and quality items.

Important Note: At some point, after earning enough notoriety and entering the Landing Pad from any other area, you will witness a cut scene with Quello the dock master and the Red Eclipse gang, who will take control of your ship. This is your cue that you can return to your ship and fight the Red Eclipse, setting the final part of Nar Shaddaa in motion. When this happens, see #20 below. Additionally, you can speed things up by not only paying Kallah-Nah at Entertainment Promenade (#2) 2000 credits to gain significant notoriety, but can also ask her what your current standing is with the Exchange. When she says that they are after your head and will do anything to get at you, you are pretty much good to go.

1 - Exit

Exit to The Ebon Hawk (#1). Quello will stop you after you take a few steps and attempt to ask for compensation. You can easily persuade or threaten him to leave you alone.

2 - Exhange Thugs

Your first taste of the Exchange here, a couple of thugs will be threatening a refugee. You can save his life for (LS Points) or you can let them play with the poor man for (DS Points).

3 - Refugees

The refugee standing against the western wall will ask for a few credits. If you give five to him, and tell him you're a Jedi, he'll promise to help you out with any info he gets later. He never hears anything.

The refugee standing further to the south and east of the room, after seeing what you've done so far, asks for more credits from you. Whatever your choice, you will receive a lesson from Kreia and a chance to gain influence with her if you agree with her.

4 - Workbench & Container

Use the workbench here if you like, and search the nearby container to its north for the Airspeeder Navigation Interface, an item required if you want to put together a broken Airspeeder for faster travel later.

5 - TT-32 & Tienn Tubb

The droid TT-32 has a favor to ask you. Its friend IT-31 was sold to Kodin at #7 but in its memory core has the plans for a new type of shield. He asks if you can get the droid back. See #7 for details. When you bring it back you'll get a very nice renewable droid shield, a very useful shield with unlimited uses, and if you're a Dark Sider, can further ask for components from his own body.

Tienn Tubb is the man who can add the transponder codes you need for the Ebon Hawk to a blank transponder card. However, this will happen automatically near the very end of your experience here on Nar Shaddaa, after finding a blank card with T3-M4. Therefore, there is no need to ever come back to him.

6 - Vossk, Ex Bounty Hunter

Talk to Vossk to learn all about the different factions of Bounty Hunters: the Red Eclipse, the Twin Suns and Mira and Hanharr.

7 - Kodin, Droid Parts Merchant

If you're coming from TT-32 at #5, you can negotiate to buy the IT-31 droid for 500, 300 or 150 credits with persuade, or threaten him for (DS Points) but receive the droid for free. Afterward, talk with IT-31 and send it back to TT-32 at #5, then head back yourself for your reward.

On my Xbox system, I twice encountered a freeze bug when attempting to see what Kodin had for sale, at the exact same place, otherwise I wouldn't add it here. Save your game before doing this just to be sure.

8 - Borna Lys, Conspirer

This twi'lek sees a way you can both profit from the sabotage of Lupo's unbeatable swoop racing droid, C9-T9 and offers you a cut of her profits. All you need to do is use the access codes she can be persuaded to give you to sabotage the droid at #10 using the interface computer nearby. You can also use someone with Repair or Computer. See #10 for details. When the deed is done, return to Borna for your share of the profits, 2000 credits and an easier time at the swoop track.

9 - Modo, Swoop Race Coordinator

Talk to him to enter into the local swoop race competition, after having dealt with C9-T9. See #8 above.

10 - C9-T9, Swoop Champ & Interface Computer

This is the droid that has everyone around the Swoop Race arena frustrated. Borna Lys at #8 can be persuaded to give you the access codes to the Interface Computer. Use a party member with either Repair or Computers (that you may switch in just for this quest if necessary), access the console, use your Awareness to check the droid for oddities, and then overload the terminal, blowing up C9-T9. When Lupo races over, you can essentially tell him anything and he'll go to Borna Lys to sell the joint. Head back to Borna at #8 for your cut.

11 - Exit

Exit to Docks (#1). After seeing everything there is to see on the Landing Pad, I'd advise heading up to the Docks for a few quests, then going to the Entertainment Promenade.

  • a) As your main character heading to Jekk Jekk Tarr:

    A concerned Atton will stop you on your way up to the Docks and, if you're nice, give you some healing items.

    12 - Rutum in Debt

    As you sidle through this area, a man named Rutum will tell the Exchange Thugs that you can pay them the money he owes. You can persuade the Exchange to leave him alone for (LS Points), or attempt to Persuade/Force Persuade them to jump in a pit for (DS Points) Either way, this will gain you notoriety with the Exchange.

    13 - Geeda the Good Merchant

    Though this rodian has only below average items for sale, once you talk with Oondar at #16, you will find out that these two are competing for business, and further, that she is trying to establish trade routes to both Dantooine and Onderon. You can eventually side with either Oondar and tell Geeda to get lost, or do the same with Oondar for Geeda.

    I'd recommend first taking a look at Oondar's merchandise and buying what you need before telling him off, as his stock is excellent. The bonus to sticking with Geeda? She sells a few excellent items near the end of the game after you've finished both Dantooine and Onderon. Simply come back to her after both planets are finished completely (meaning you've met Kavar at the Royal Palace), and she will sell you her finest wares.

    14 - Nar Shaddaa's Energy

    Kreia teaches you about feeling the Nar Shaddaa energy through the force. Your maximum force points increase.

    15 - Exit

    Exit to Entertainment Prom. (#1). Before coming here, I'd recommend going to the Docks via exit #11 first, so that you can have a chance at Vogga's hoard later. Also make sure to be either playing a female or have the Handmaiden in your party, a requirement for the Hoard quest. Finally, take Atton with you as well for an easier time in the Promenade Pazaak Den.

    16 - Oondar the Bad Merchant

    Talk to him to see his excellent wares. If you've also spoken with Geeda at #13, it appears the Landing Pad is not big enough for the two of them and he asks that you take her out of the picture. You can side with Oondar, however near the end of the game, you can complete another of Geeda's quests, which results in better items than she has now, including at least a couple rare/unique ones.

    17 - Exchange Thugs & Boss

    As you enter the room, you'll interrupt a deal that went sour with the Exchange. The thugs and boss will turn on you, and after their death, you will gain further notoriety with the Exchange... which is exactly what you want.

    18 - Ratrin Vhek, Ebon Hawk's Owner

    This man claims he's the rightful owner of the Ebon Hawk, able to identify its quirks and history when you ask. If you hand the ship over to him, you'll gain (LS Points) and if you kill him, you'll get (DS Points).

    If you chose the light side route, Ratrin winds up getting killed by the Red Eclipse slavers when he attempts to board his ship. I guess that means the ship defaults back to its most recent owner - you.

    19 - Exit

    Exit to Refugee Quad (#1). I'd recommend first heading to the Docks, then Entertainment Promenade to complete those quests before coming here, though it really doesn't matter... it just means more backtracking.

    20 - Red Eclipse Invasion

    As mentioned above in the prologue to this page, as soon as you have enough notoriety and enter the Landing Pad, you'll witness a cut scene showing their leader Cahhmakt taking over the Ebon Hawk and landing pad from Quello. When that happens and you reach this point, you'll begin the taking back of the Ebon Hawk by fighting these Red Eclipse Slavers. They are fairly tough but even if this is your second planet (as in the walkthrough), you should have at least one mass-affecting Force Power able to easily take them out.

    Your goal is to clear the landing pad of slavers, enter your ship and clear out the many slavers on board en route to the communications room where their leader Cahhmakt is. As soon as you get close enough to Cahhmakt, he'll enter into dialogue and you can either threaten him into obedience, whereas he'll leave a slaver contact in the Cantina here that you can come to now and then for money, or you can kill him. This battle is also explained at The Ebon Hawk (#3a).

    When you've defeated Cahhmakt, before you exit the ship, use the workbench and equip Atton with the best gear you can find, as he'll be facing two tough opponents soon. Exit the 'Hawk and you'll receive a comlink message from Visquis, Goto's second in command. He'll invite you to come to the Jekk Jekk Tarr cantina off the Docks area, and says to come alone. At this point, your party members will split up for a while as you take control of several of them in different areas to complete small sections of Nar Shaddaa, and you will also meet either Hanharr or Mira very shortly.

    After the Visquis invitation, with your main character head to the exit at #11 to the Docks (see #11a), and then continue reading Docks (#10). Before you enter Jekk Jekk Tarr, the scene will shift to Atton in the Cantina, where you'll take control of him in a battle against the Twin Suns at Entertainment Promenade (#12). After that battle, you'll gain control of Mira at Jekk Jekk Tarr (#1).