Trayus Proving Grounds
Malachor V - Trayus Proving Grounds

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If you're coming here first from the Academy, be prepared to battle a variety of powerful enemies including several Marauders and Lords, just as there are in the Crescent. There's a workbench to the south at #5, and it's advisable to go there and perform your last creations/upgrades before your final battle in Trayus Core. Your main goal is to exit through #1 into the Academy, fight Darth Sion if you haven't yet, and then enter Trayus Core.

1 - Exit

Exit to Trayus Academy (#8).

2 - Exit

Exit to Trayus Academy (#9).

3 - Four Sith & Turrets

Notable but not likely to cause you to break a sweat.

4 - Two Sith Marauders

More difficult are these two Marauders, masters of melee. Be careful to act fast.

5 - Workbench

This is the last workbench until KotOR III. Take the time to make sure you're at your Sunday best before entering Trayus Core for your final battle.

6 - Two Sith Marauders

In pairs, they can be deadly.