Trayus Crescent
Malachor V - Trayus Crescent

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Your goal here is "simply" to make it to the exit at #9 back to Trayus Academy to fight Darth Sion (if you haven't already). On the way, expect a couple tougher battles with Lords and Marauders. It makes little difference where you enter the Crescent from the Academy, whether through exit #1, 2 or 3; the route is still the same.

1 - Exit

Exit to Trayus Academy (#3).

2 - Exit

Exit to Trayus Academy (#4).

3 - Exit

Exit to Trayus Academy (#5).

4 - Sith Marauder

If Trayus Crescent is your first destination from the Academy, this will be your first challenge. These Marauders really know how to do physical battle. If you are a Consular, don't take them lightly... unless of course you have a very high Wisdom, where they have absolutely no chance against your powers.

5 - Sith Lord & Two Apprentice

The Lord is the opposite of the Marauder, preferring to do much of their damage through dark force powers. Force Resistance or Immunity can help here.

6 - Sith Marauder

Another notable foe.

7 - Six Sith

A combination of troops that should prove none too effective against your superior powers.

8 - Sith Marauder & Lord

Here we have a combination. If you focus on one at a time, attack the easiest first, depending on your force alignment and class. If you're a guardian type, take out the Lord first, and if you're a consular type, take out the Marauder first, as he can do the most damage.

9 - Exit

Exit to Trayus Academy (#6).