Harbinger: Command Deck
Harbinger - Command Deck

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Your main goal here is to make it to the Crew Quarters through exit #5. However, you must first stop at the bridge and download the orbital drift charts to the Ebon Hawk. Throughout the level you'll get attacked by several groups of camouflaged Sith Assassins. However, they are no match for your party. Again, check every room and container for items.

1 - Exit

Exit to Administration Level (#13). When you enter, your group will have a conversation. Its conclusion marks the first time you can begin to influence your other party members. From this point, if you want them to be of the same alignment, generally happier and tell you more of their story, then cater to them. Atton wants you to agree with his plans generally, Kreia wants you to take the middle road and take her advice (though she is more difficult), and many others generally want you to be considerate.

2 - Bridge Console

Download the Orbital Drift Charts from here to the Ebon Hawk.

3 - Escape Pods

These are not functional, and this is a dead end, but if you wanted to see the whole game, you'd have missed this area if you simply went to the exit and missed out on the two Assassin attacks for xp.

4 - Briefing Room

Use the console here to view holologs and for the first time, meet one of the members of the original game. You can also learn more about your history for a bonus quest objective.

5 - Exit

Exit to Crew Quarters (#1).