Sky Ramp
Onderon - Sky Ramp

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Again, here you'll be facing off against Vaklu's troops or Talia's Royalists en masse until you reach the exit to the Royal Palace at #6. There are a few obstacles however, such as the force shield at #5 and the numerous mines and turrets on the slim ramps before #2 and after #5. Expect heavy resistance and keep your party together if things get rough. You will need to disable #5's force shield with the console at #4, and if you're Light Side, can enlist reinforcements in the barracks at #3. Another turret mini-game is possible at #4 as well.

By now you likely have several options for taking out dozens of opponents at a time, such as Force Wave, Stasis Field or Force Storm. Use them and watch the fireworks.

1 - Exit

Exit to Ruined Merchant Quarter (#3).

2 - Heavy Resistance

Of course, you'll find it a bit before this and much afterwards, but the concentration is in this open area. Defeat them and open the door to the barracks at #3.

3 - Barracks & Workbench

Light Siders will receive a few reinforcements here, and Dark Siders will eat a few more troops for lunch. There is a handy workbench on the right side wall as you enter, and lockers with random items.

4 - Control Station

You'll want to use the console in this circular room to deactivate the force shield at #5 and allow you access to the exit. Alternately you can of course use Bao-Dur's special power. Optionally at this console, you can also access the turret for a new mini-game. Whether you are fighting for Talia or Vaklu, simply defeat 8 flying ships to complete it and earn xp. Use the radar for help.

5 - Force Shield

Bao-Dur can take this down, or you can use the console at #4. Expect more resistance from troops beyond, as well as mines and defense turrets. It can be quite hectic to the top, but persistence will prevail. When you make it to the top, defeat the turrets and enemies there, and proceed to the exit at #6.

6 - Exit

Exit to Royal Palace (#1).