Underground Base
Telos - Underground Base

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Your main goal here is to use the shuttle at #5. To do that you'll need to go first all the way to the reactor and turn it on at #10, take the ignition codes at #12, open the hangar doors at #13 and defeat the Tank Droid at #5.

1 - Exit

Exit to Czerka Site (#5).

2 - Turrets & Force Field

Once inside, you can turn off the turrets using the console, but you may find it easier to destroy them. After the battle, have Bao-Dur "bash" the Force Field to bring it down [where was he on Peragus?]. Do this with all the many force fields on this level. Avoid the poison vents as much as possible. When you get to the console at #6 you'll be able to turn them all off.

3 - Droids & Backpack

Defeat the droids in the corridor and you can find the Administrative ID Card from this backpack, though I'm not sure what function it served.

4 - Workbench & Lab Station

Beware of the gas vents near the workbench.

5 - Shuttle & Tank Droid

This is where you find the shuttle, but as Bao-Dur points out, it needs ignition codes and the hangar doors open. To open the hangar doors, you need to turn on the reactor at #10 and then open them at #13. You can grab the ignition codes after the reactor is turned on, at #12.

  • a) When you return after the reactor is turned on:

    You'll find a giant Tank Droid here. Equip your characters with Ion weapons and use any force powers that may help, such as the stun droid series or speed. Also equip an energy shield on each character to be safe. Begin by throwing grenades, Ion preferably. It's not overly difficult but has a stun attack so beware. When its defeated, search out the newly opened droid bay just to the north of #5 for a lot of items. Then come back to the Shuttle and take it to the Polar Plateau (#1).

    6 - Console

    Use this security terminal to turn off the gas vents and breathe a sigh of relief.

    7 - Czerka Salvage Crew Member

    This lone Twi'lek wants an escort back to the entrance. For (LS Points) you can agree to take him, and for (DS Points) you can be unconscionably cruel.

    8 - Droid Charging Room & Console

    Defeat the three droids here, then use the southern console here to overload the droid recharging stations, effectively taking out several more before the reactor comes online and their door opens.

    9 - Damaged HK Droid

    You can repair this droid and have it follow you, but if you get too close to the fake exit your first right after heading back north, it will self destruct. No real loss though.

    10 - Reactor

    Use the console in this room to start the reactor back up. As soon as you do, the turrets in the room just south of you at #11 also activate.

    11 - Turrets

    As soon as you activate the reactor, you also activate these turrets. Take them out one at a time quickly to avoid too much damage.

    12 - Ignition Codes

    When you start the reactor, the door opens that allows access to this small room. Search the footlocker here for a datapad with the Ignition Codes you need, then head to #13 to open the Hangar Bay doors.

    13 - Console

    Use this console to open the Hangar Bay doors once the reactor is started. Before you head back to the shuttle, see #5a above.