Ruined Merchant Quarter
Onderon - Ruined Merchant Quarter

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Back at the Mandalorian Ruins, you'll now need to select one more party member to join both yourself and Kreia to head to Onderon and settle the Vaklu vs. Talia struggle once and for all. Which party member you select doesn't matter as much, as there are really no opportunities to use your skills here and the battles that your party members are involved in are not nearly as tough as those you've just faced.

After you decide, you'll take the Basilisk War Droid from the Ruins to this Ruined Merchant Quarter. As soon as you land, you'll battle either Vaklu's Troops as a Light Side character, or Royalist Soldiers as a Dark Side character. Your main goal is to head up through the exit at #3, then follow the Sky Ramp, defeating its many enemies to the Royal Palace, where you will ultimately face either General Vaklu (Light Side) or Master Kavar and optionally Queen Talia as Dark Side.

1 - Arrival

After stepping off your Basilisk War Droid, prepare for battle.

2 - Vaklu's or Talia's troops

As a Light Side character, face off against the numerous troops in support of Vaklu on your way to the exit at #3. Dark Siders will fight the Royalists.

3 - Exit

Exit to Sky Ramp (#1).