Companion Quest: Fragments of a Scattered Faith

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You'll receive this quest from Eder in Gilded Vale when you recruit him into your party.


When Eder learns that you're planning to meet with Maerwald the Watcher in Caed Nua, he'll offer to join you so he can ask the Watcher some questions about his brother Woden, who fought against Readceras during the Saint's War. However, when you reach Maerwald, he'll barely answer your questions before attacking you, and Eder won't learn anything from him.

Shortly after that when you approach the entrance to the Great Hall in Caed Nua, Eder will gain a dialogue icon. When you talk to him, he'll decide that Maerwald wouldn't have revealed anything anyway, and he'll suggest that you go to the archives in Defiance Bay and see if they have anything there about his brother.

You'll find the archives in the ducal palace in the First Fires district (#1). However, the Records Keeper there won't want to hand out information to just anybody. He'll only allow you to read the records if your reputation for Defiance Bay is at least "friend." There isn't any way around this.

When you're allowed to peruse the records, you'll learn that Woden actually fought for Readceras, and that he died in a battle at Cliaban Rilag. Eder will then insist that you visit the spot of his brother's death. If you refuse to go there, then Eder will permanently leave your party (he'll forever stand around in the archives chamber), and you'll essentially fail the quest.

To reach Cliaban Rilag, you'll have to learn its location. You'll do this during the quest Through Death's Gate (by talking to Harbinger Beodmar in Dyrford Village). When you reach the site, Eder will suggest that you look around for "anything from the battle." You won't find much until you approach a looter's camp (#2). Regardless of what you say to the two looters there, they'll attack you, and afterwards you'll find a Readceran Standard Piece in the mud nearby. You'll decide that a cipher might be able to tell you something about the standard. If you don't have one in your party, then you'll need to go to Hadret House in Brackenbury and talk to Kurren inside.

Whichever cipher you use will recognize Woden's soul imprinted on the standard, and you'll see some images of the path he took after leaving Gilded Vale. But you won't learn why Woden did anything; you'll just see where he went. This development will thoroughly disappoint Eder, and he'll decide to give up trying to learn more about his brother. There isn't any way to generate a happy ending for this quest.

1 - Ducal Palace

2 - Looter's Camp




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