Side Quest: The Theorems of Pandgram

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You'll receive this quest from Nedyn in Brackenbury (#1).


Nedyn will tell you that she's studying how to reattach souls to bodies using animancy -- which might lead to a cure for Waidwen's Legacy -- but she's hit a roadblock and needs to look at a book entitled Theorems of Pandgram to continue her research. Unfortunately, the book can only be found in the Elder Archives of the Hall of Revealed Mysteries in Copperlane (#2), and Grimda the Head Archivist there (#3) won't allow her to see it. So Nedyn will ask you to fetch the book for her.

There are two ways to complete this quest:
  • You can warn Grimda that Nedyn is recruiting people to steal the book. Grimda will reward you with 200 cp for the information, and you'll also receive a "minor" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay. However, because you crossed Nedyn, the next time you travel through Woodend Plains, she'll try to ambush you (on the western side of the map near the road). Afterwards, you'll find the Ring of Eternal Funding and more when you loot the corpses.

  • You can steal the book. This can be difficult. With enough Stealth and Mechanics, you can pick open the door to the archives and sneak inside without anybody noticing, and then disarm the trap on the chest on the western side and steal the book. If you don't have enough Stealth and Mechanics, then you can either just kill everybody inside the Hall (Grimda will drop the key to the Archives when she dies), or you can complete the task The Parable of Wael (if Grimda approves of your solution, then she'll give you the key to the Archives).

    Once you have the book, you'll just need to return to Nedyn and give it to her. She'll reward you with 500 cp. If you ask Nedyn for a greater reward, then she'll also give you the Ring of Eternal Funding.
Note: The Ring of Eternal Funding won't actually generate much cp for you since a stronghold turn only happens when you complete a quest or task. You'll probably get about as much from selling the ring as from wearing it.

1 - Nedyn

2 - Elder Archives

3 - Grimda




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