Task: Safe Haven

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You'll trigger this task when you enter Valtas Manor in Heritage Hill and witness Lord Valtas, Lady Valtas, and Emilio Valtas -- all guls now -- banging on a door (#1) and asking somebody named Saeda to open up.


After dispatching the guls, when you enter the room behind the door, you'll discover that nobody is there. However, upon searching, you'll find the Valtas Groundskeeper Letter (#3), which will mention that the key to the Valtas Mausoleum belongs in the kitchen (#5), and you'll also spot a hole in the wall behind a map (#4). When you go to the kitchen, you'll notice that the mausoleum key is missing.

Inside the Valtas Mausoleum (#6), you'll meet Saeda, Lord Valtas' daughter and heir. You'll be able to share some words with her, and perhaps learn how she survived, but most of the conversation is optional. When you eventually tell Saeda that it's safe to flee to the main gate (#7), you'll complete the task. To earn your reward, you'll need to head over to the main gate yourself. Saeda will point you out as the person who helped her, and you'll earn "major" reputation bonuses with the Crucible Knights and Defiance Bay.

1 - Door

This door will start out locked. You can find the key for it in a nearby nightstand (#2).

2 - Nightstand

3 - Shelf

4 - Map

5 - Mausoleum Key

Instead of finding the key here, you'll only find the hook it's supposed to hang on.

6 - Valtas Mausoleum

7 - Main Gate

  1. Entrance to Valtas Manor.




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