Task: Late for Dinner

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You'll trigger this task when you talk to Pasca in the Black Hound inn in Gilded Vale (#1), or when you rescue Tenfrith from the bandits in Valewood (#2).


When you talk to Pasca, she'll mention that she only has cold porridge available. If you ask her why, then she'll tell you that Tenfrith her cook recently went north to gather supplies but hasn't returned yet. On the eastern side of Valewood, you'll discover that Tenfrith has been captured by a trio of bandits, and that they're forcing him to cook for them.

When you get close enough to the bandits, they'll automatically attack you. After defeating them, when you talk to Tenfrith, he'll thank you for the rescue, and he'll return to Gilded Vale. This will earn you a "major" reputation bonus with Gilded Vale. Then when you return to Pasca, she'll lower her sell prices by 15%, and she'll start offering you a lot more food items, including Darkest Rauatai Cookies and Pearlwood Chicken. You'll also earn a "moderate" reputation bonus with Gilded Vale. Finally, when you visit with Tenfrith in the inn's kitchen, he'll teach you the recipe for Savory Pies, and you'll earn a "minor" reputation bonus with Gilded Vale.

1 - The Black Hound

2 - Bandit Camp




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