Companion Quest: True to Form

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To trigger this quest you'll need to talk to Hiravias (by clicking on his portrait and then clicking on his dialogue icon), and you'll need to ask him about himself and the animal he can transform himself into. Surprisingly, Hiravias won't have much to say. To coax him into a conversation, you'll need to have Perception 12, Might 14, or Intellect 14. Then Hiravias will give you this quest.


Hiravias will inform you that his first spiritform was the Autumn Stelgaer, a creature considered to be a "soul-devouring monster." When his tribe learned of this, they cast him out, and so Hiravias will tell you that he'd like to travel to Twin Elms to meet with the druids there so he can learn how to cure himself.

In Twin Elms, you'll need to visit Blood Sands in Elm's Reach. In that area, you'll run into Naca on the eastern side (#1). Naca will recognize Hiravias' spiritform, and she'll call it a blessing from Galawain, which Hiravias will dispute. But Naca will stand firm, and she'll invite Hiravias to explore Blood Sands and read the stone tablets there (#2). After reading all four, Hiravias will be a little more accepting of his spiritform, and he'll decide that he should travel to Burial Isle, where he might meet other Autumn Stelgaers.

On Burial Isle, you'll encounter the druid Scathden (#3). He'll be upset that Hiravias was granted the Autumn Stelgaer spiritform, and he'll proceed to insult him, calling him "runt" and "half-man" among other things. No matter how you respond, the encounter will lead to a fight, and you'll have to take on Scathden plus his ravenous stelgaer companions.

The battle should be pretty easy. Afterwards, you'll find a Ring of Deflection and the unique pollaxe Traitors' Merit on Scathden's corpse, and Hiravias will finally come to appreciate his spiritform.

,b>1 - Naca

2 - Stone Tablets

3 - Scathden




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