Side Quest: Hunter, Brother

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You'll receive this quest from Ridai inside the Passage of the Six in Hearthsong (#1).


Ridai will tell you that his brother Fiorm went with Arthwn on a "blood-hunt" to kill a giant stelgaer in the Northweald, but that only Arthwn returned -- complete with the stelgaer's fang as proof of his prowess. Ridai will claim that Fiorm is the much better hunter, and that he doesn't believe Arthwn's story -- especially since Arthwn is telling everyone that Fiorm exiled himself after failing in the hunt -- and so he'll ask you to look into the matter. If you talk to Arthwn in front of the Hall of Warriors in Elm's Reach, then you'll hear essentially the same story.

To learn more about what really happened during the blood-hunt, you'll need to go to Northweald, which is located to the north of Twin Elms. In the northern part of the area overlooking a waterfall, you'll find the corpse of the giant stelgaer (#2). When you interact with it, you'll commune with its soul, and you'll learn that it was ambushed and killed by a strong hunter while it was stalking a weak hunter.

Near the stelgaer, you'll discover a trail of blood leading over the cliff to the base of the waterfall. When you descend to that point, you'll find Fiorm's body (#3), and after interacting with his soul as well, you'll learn that he was the strong hunter while Arthwn was the weak hunter, and that Fiorm died from the wounds he received from the stelgaer.

When you return to Twin Elms, you'll be able to speak with Athrwn again and tell him that you know he's lying. He'll ask you to perpetuate his lie, to give his tribe hope. Then when you return to Ridai, he'll want to know what you learned, but you'll decide to tell everyone at the same time.

To reveal your findings, you'll need to talk to Anamenfath Bethwl in the back of the Passage of the Six (#1). She'll summon Ridai and Arthwn to her. You'll then have two choices for what to say:
  • You can tell the truth for Ridai. For this option, Bethwl will reward you with the unique sword Sheathed in Autumn, and you'll earn a "major" amount of reputation with Twin Elms.

  • You can lie for Arthwn. For this option, Arthwn will reward you with the unique hunting bow Lenas Er, and you'll earn a "moderate" amount of reputation with Twin Elms.

1 - The Passage of the Six

2 - Dead Stelgaer

3 - Fiorm's Body




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