Bounty Tasks: Set 4

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Warden Fyrgen inside the Warden's Lodge in Caed Nua will give you this final set of bounty tasks once you've completed the previous set.


Bounty: High Arcanist Ysly

"Looks like someone crossed the Doemenels. High Arcanist Ysly. She and her cabal of wizards are holed up in the tower in Heritage Hill."

You'll encounter Ysly on Level 2 of the tower in Heritage Hill (#1). She'll have two guardians (melee fighters) and four sorcerers with her. Try to take out the sorcerers quickly before they can gang up on your casters, and then finish of Ysly and the guardians.

When Ysly dies, she'll drop Exceptional Mail Armor, Pretty Pretty's Rib, and High Arcanist Ysly's Head. Between Isly and the sorcerers, you'll also find a few grimoires that will give you access to Chain Lightning, Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar, and more. When you deliver Ysly's head to Warden Fyrgen, he'll give you your 2750 cp reward.

Bounty: Sserkal

"A vithrack exarch, Sserkal, has turned up in Pearlwood Bluff with some of his kin. This offer's unsigned -- but it seems like someone doesn't want him sticking around."

You'll find Sserkal in the northwestern part of Pearlwood Bluff (#2). He'll have several other vithracks with him, which means you'll have to deal with your characters being terrified, paralyzed, sickened, confused, and more. So try to keep your party separated so the vithrack spells will hit as few people as possible, and target the vithracks one at a time so you'll reduce their numbers quickly.

When Sserkal dies, he'll drop Gwisk Glas and Exarch Lord Sserkal's Head. When you deliver the head to Warden Fyrgen, he'll give you your 2500 cp reward.

Bounty: Naroc the Prophet

"Naroc the Prophet is a Glanfathan exile. He was banished from his tribe for his, ah, extreme views. Naroc's a cipher, and it seems like he's taken an interest in an engwithan site north of Gilded Vale -- Cilant Lis. Several tribes have pooled together the coin for his bounty. They say they don't want him tampering with some 'machine' out there."

You'll meet Naroc in the outside part of Cilant Lis (#3). He'll have warriors, shamans, and hunters with him. Try to take down the hunters first, since they'll probably target your casters, and then mop up the rest. When Naroc dies, he'll drop an Exceptional Scepter, a Stag Helm, Elardh Dwr, and Naroc the Prophet's Head. When you deliver the head to Warden Fyrgen, he'll give you your 2500 cp reward.

1 - High Arcanist Ysly

2 - Exarch Lord Sserkal

3 - Naroc the Prophet




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