Companion Quest: The Long Hunt

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You'll receive this quest when you add Sagani to your party.


When you meet Sagani in Woodend Plains, she'll tell you that she's looking for a respected village elder named Persoq -- only he's been dead for several years, and she's trying to find him in his new life. She'll then show you a bear figurine, which contains a piece of Persoq's soul, and which glows more brightly the closer she gets to him. However, Sagani will admit that the figurine hasn't been a great help to her, and that she hasn't had much luck with her task.

When you look at the bear figurine yourself, you'll sense that Persoq is standing on a cliff overlooking water. With enough Perception, you'll realize that the water is actually the ocean, and that the cliff is near a large town. The correct spot is Pearlwood Bluff, which is located to the south of Defiance Bay, and which you won't be able to visit until Act II.

When you search Pearlwood Bluff, you won't find Persoq, but you'll discover the scene from your vision (#1). At that spot you'll have another vision. This time you'll see that Persoq has moved on to a new location -- a forest with an adra arch. With enough Lore and Survival, you'll learn that the arch is next to some adra pillars, and that the forest must be near fresh water. If Eder is in your party, then he'll suggest that you look near Twin Elms.

You'll find the adra arch in Elmshore (#2), which you won't be able to reach until Act III. Once again, you won't find Persoq, but you'll have another vision about where he's gone. This time you'll see burnt trees and crumbling ruins. If Hiravias is in your party, then he'll suggest looking in the mountains north of Twin Elms. With Lore 9, you'll recognize that the site is near a Glanfathan settlement. With Survival 12, you'll recognize that the site is in the mountains.

Eventually, you'll come to Northweald, and Sagani will announce that her bear figurine has started glowing. On the northern edge of the map, you'll encounter a group of Fangs hunters -- who you'll discover have just dealt a mortal wound to the stag with Persoq's soul (#3). You'll then need to give Sagani advice about what she should say to the stag in the time it has left:
  • If you advise her that "it doesn't matter what you say" or to "trust your instincts," then she'll list the names of the people of her village, including her own, and her anger at the hunters will die down.

  • If you advise her to "remind him of his impact" or to "tell him about his family," then Sagani will remain angry at the hunters, and when the stag dies, she'll lash out at them, which they'll take as an insult to the Builders. If you tell Sagani that "this isn't worth the bloodshed" or to "let them have theirs," then you'll resolve the situation peacefully, and you'll gain a "minor" reputation bonus with the Fangs. Otherwise, the Fangs will attack, and they won't drop anything interesting when they die.

1 - Cliff

2 - Adra Arch

3 - Dying Stag




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