Side Quest: The Changing of the Guard

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You'll receive this quest from Gedmar inside House Doemenel in Brackenbury (#1), but only after completing the quest A Two Story Job in House Doemenel's favor.

Note: Accepting this quest will prevent you from accepting the quests The Bronze Beneath the Lake (The Dozens) and Winds of Steel (Crucible Knights), which means you'll be making House Doemenel your faction of choice in Defiance Bay.


Gedmar will ask you to kill a Crucible Knight named Marshal Wenfeld and frame the Dozens for it, thus getting his two chief rivals to fight with each other rather than him. To help you out, he'll give you a Dozens Token, which he'll ask you to leave at the scene of the crime. However, when you exit House Doemenel, you'll be stopped by Gedmar's son Abrecan, who will ask you not to leave the token. That way everybody will realize that House Domenel committed the crime, and they'll begin fearing the House again.

You'll find Marshal Wenfeld inside Crucible Keep in the First Fires district (#2). He'll wander around the eastern side of the keep between the sparring chamber, the temple, and the command post. If you don't want to fight all of the Crucible Knights, then you should wait for Wenfeld to go into the temple, and make sure that the patrolling justiciar isn't nearby. You shouldn't have any trouble defeating Wenfeld. He'll drop Crucible Knight Officer Armor when he dies. If you want to frame the Dozens, then you should place their token on the altar in the temple.

When you return to Gedmar, you'll earn an "extraordinary" amount of reputation with House Doemenel if you framed the Dozens, or you'll earn a "major" amount if you didn't. Then Gedmar will offer you a reward, either 10,000 cp or the unique stiletto Misery's End. You can also wait for "help in the futrure," but this won't give you a different reward. It'll just delay your reward until you talk to Gedmar again. For completing the quest, you'll also receive the Merciless Hand talent, which will increase your Crit Damage multiplier by +0.3.

1 - House Doemenel

2 - Crucible Keep




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