Side Quest: Cinders of Faith

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You'll receive this quest from Fyrga in the ducal palace in the First Fires district of Defiance Bay (#1).


Fyrga will tell you that the sacred pyres in the city are normally kept lit through her devotions and prayers, but that with the onset of Waidwen's Legacy, her faith has been shaken, and the pyres keep going out. However, she'll inform you that Magran recently sent her a vision of an area with a cave and colorful pools, and she'll suspect that the cave might somehow solve her problems. She'll then ask you to look for the cave. If you have the Geological Map from the chest in the back room of Admeth's Den in Copperlane, then it will identify the region in question: Searing Falls, which is located to the south of Defiance Bay.

You'll find Fyrga's cave in the northern part of Searing Falls (#2). Inside, you'll encounter the giant drake Cail the Silent, who won't be very silent when he sees you. He'll accuse you of coming to steal his "spark," and no matter how you respond, he and the drakes and xaurips with him will attack you. For the easiest fight, you should immediately retreat back the way you came. The tunnel is narrow enough in that direction that Cail and Co. won't be able to flank you.

When Cail dies, he'll drop a Burning Stone. When you deliver the stone to Fyrga, she'll recognize that it's a piece of the Godhammer bomb (if Durance is in your party, then he'll have told you the same thing). You'll then have a few ways to conclude the quest:
  • If you tell Fyrga that the stone "should fill you with awe" or if you suggest that Magran is trusting her followers again, then you'll earn an "extraordinary" amount of reputation with Defiance Bay.

  • If you call Fyrga "faithless" or if you say that you don't know what to tell her, then you'll lose a "moderate" amount of reputation with Defiance Bay.
Regardless, Fyrga will reward you with the unique flail Unforgiven.

1 - Ducal Palace

2 - Cave




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