Main Quest: The Ruins of Cilant Lis

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You'll receive this quest at the conclusion of the quest A Moment's Respite.


When you flee into Cilant Lis (#1), you'll have Calisca and possibly Heodan with you. If Heodan took an injury during the fight with the Glanfathans, then shortly into the ruins he'll request that you camp so he can rest and heal. However, Calisca will want to keep moving. It won't make any difference what you say -- only what you do.

You'll find Camping Supplies in the camp to the west (#2). If you use them to rest, then Calisca will steal your Full Waterskin and attempt to escape on her own, but she'll run into the trapped symbols (#3) and die. If you don't camp, then Heodan will stay with you, but he won't be as effective due to his injury.

Note: If Heodan isn't in your party, then resting won't cause Calisca to leave.

To complete the quest, you'll just need to make your way to the exit (Exit A). To do this, you can either take the direct route over the trapped symbols -- they can be disarmed with Mechanics 1 and 3, or you can light the columns to the west (#4) to clear a path through them -- or you can circle around the symbols to the east. Or you can explore everywhere and do both.

Just outside the ruins, you'll witness some robed figures performing a ritual to the Queen that Was. Three of the figures will give up their souls to power a large machine, and you'll have a vision where you'll somehow recognize their masked leader. The ritual will culminate in a concussive blast that will knock you down but kill Calisca and Heodan, and the leader will be gone when you wake up. However, you'll notice that you're now hearing and seeing strange things, and you'll decide that you had better get this "sickness" checked out.

1 - Starting Point

2 - Camp

3 - Trapped Symbols

4 - Column Room

  1. Exit to Cilant Lis (Outside).




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