Task: Brave Derrin

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You'll receive this task from Odda in her house in Ondra's Gift (#1).


Odda will tell you that her husband Weyd and her son Derrin went fishing two days ago, and that she hasn't seen either of them since. She'll then ask you to find Derrin, who has "dark hair, quick eyes, and a ready smile." She'll inform you that Weyd spends all of his free time in the Salty Mast brothel.

You'll find Weyd in the Salty Mast (#2) as expected. When you ask him what happened, he'll tell you that he was on his way to the docks when he decided to pop into the brothel for a quick drink. He told Derrin to wait outside, but when he eventually came around to look for him, he couldn't find him -- and given how long he's been missing now, Weyd will tell you that he's probably dead. Then Weyd will go back to drinking.

You'll discover Derrin's corpse nearby in the water (#3). When you communicate with his soul, you'll learn that he tried to defend a working girl against some thugs, but that the thugs killed him and dumped him into the water. At the end of the conversation, you'll find a Thug's Dagger on Derrin's corpse, which Derrin took during the brief scuffle. You'll notice that there's a "B" carved into it.

If you want to, you can visit Weyd again (#2). Most of the things you can say won't have any positive effect on him, and he'll just keep drinking. But if you have Resolve 16, then you'll be able to convince him to dedicate himself to his remaining family, and he'll finally go home.

When you return to Odda in her house (#1), you'll be given several ways to break the bad news to her (unless you convinced Weyd to go home, and then he'll deliver the news for you). No matter what you say, you'll receive a Fine Dagger and a Minor Ring of Protection from Odda, and you'll earn a "moderate" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.

Unrelated to the quest, you can track down Derrin's killer. You'll find "B" -- aka Bragan -- on the western side of the district (#4). When you show him the Thug's Dagger, you'll be given two ways to proceed. You can sell the dagger to Bragan for a Topaz, or you can kill him and the thugs with him for some minor loot.

1 - Odda's House

2 - The Salty Mast

3 - Derrin's Corpse

4 - Bragan




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