Location: Ondra's Gift

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1 - Kolfecg's House

Kolfecg is involved in the task Hard Feelings.

2 - Odda's House

Odda will give you the task Brave Derrin.

3 - Abandoned House

This house is involved in the quest Built to Last. Inside you can find Camping Supplies and a Hammer and Chisel.

4 - Vailian Trading Company

Inside this warehouse you'll meet Mestre Verzano. He'll give you the quest At All Costs.

5 - Cartugo

Cartugo is a shopkeeper. He'll sell you a bit of everything, including The Ring of Wonder, the Cloak of the Tireless Defender, and a Beagle Dog.

6 - Pallegina

When you first arrive in the district, you'll briefly meet Pallegina here. She's a paladin and one of the companions in the game, but you won't be able to recruit her until after you've completed the quest At All Costs.

7 - Imatl

Imatl will give you the task Clandestine Cargo.

8 - Ramps

These two ramps will allow you to descend into the shallow water near the docks. But you'll only be able to do this during low tide, which takes place between the hours of 6 and 18 on the game clock. You might also need to exit and re-enter the map to get the tide to switch.

9 - Ramshackle House

This house will start out locked. You'll find the key for it during the quest Supply and Demand.

10 - Bragan

You'll meet Bragan and a few thugs here. Bragan is involved in the task Brave Derrin.

11 - Niah

Niah will give you the quest The Wailing Banshee, which will allow you to enter the nearby lighthouse (#12).

12 - Lighthouse

This lighthouse is involved in the quest The Wailing Banshee. You'll only be able to enter it after accepting the quest. After completing the quest, Niah (#11) will turn the lighthouse into an inn where you'll be able to buy food and Camping Supplies.

13 - Curnd

Curnd is a seller of gems and Lockpicks. He'll only show up at this spot during the night. To deal with him, you'll need Might 15, or you'll need to know the passphrase "yc nybeon eyldfeon," which you can learn from a note in the Black Meadow.

14 - The Salty Mast

The Salty Mast is a brothel. You'll meet a few people of interest inside:

15 - Assaulted Noble

At this spot you'll witness some thugs running off after assaulting a noble. This is a preview for the quest Supply and Demand.

16 - Derrin's Corpse (In Water)

At this spot, you'll discover Derrin's body and you'll be able to communicate with his soul. Derrin is involved in the task Brave Derrin.

17 - Scepter Pieces (In Water)

You'll need to collect these three scepter pieces for the task Clandestine Cargo. You'll have to battle some Animats and Rain Blights to collect the pieces.

18 - Marceno

Marceno will give you the task All Hands on Deck.