Location: Cliaban Rilag

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You won't be allowed to visit this map at the start of Act II. You'll only learn its location during the quest Through Death's Gate.

1 - Corpse

On this corpse you'll find an Orlan's Bramble Ring.

2 - Looter Camp

No matter what you say to the two looters here, they'll attack you. One of the looters will drop an Exceptional Breastplate when he dies. Also in the camp you'll find Camping Supplies (in a bedroll) and a Readceran Standard Piece (in the mud), which you'll need for the quest Fragments of a Scattered Faith.

3 - Sleafhota

You'll meet a group of Glanfathans here led by Sleafhota. No matter what you say to them, they won't allow you to use the main entrance to Cliaban Rilag (Exit A). So you'll either need to kill them or use the back entrance (Exit B). The Glanfathans won't drop anything interesting if you kill them.

4 - Broken Bridge

You'll have to leap across the gap in the bridge here if you want to cross it. If you have characters in your party with Athletics 3 or less, then one of them might suffer an injury while making the jump.

5 - Locked Room

There isn't a key for this room. You'll need Mechanics 6/7 to get past the door. Inside, you'll have to battle some Animats, but in an armor rack in the back you'll find Sura's Supper Plate and a Tiny Animat pet.

6 - Adra Animat

You'll encounter an Adra Animat here. It'll drop The Core when it dies.

7 - Pool

Inside this pool you'll find an Engwithan Key. It'll unlock a pair of doors in the level (#8, #9).

8 - Locked Door

To unlock this door, you'll either need the Engwithan Key (#7) or Mechanics 6/7.

9 - Locked Door

To unlock this door, you'll either need the Engwithan Key (#7) or Mechanics 8/9.

10 - Machine

This machine is just like the one you spotted in Cilant Lis at the start of the game. Next to it, you'll discover an ashen effigy. You'll need to interact with the effigy's soul for the quest Through Death's Gate.

  1. Main entrance to Cliaban Rilag.
  2. Back entrance to Cliaban Rilag.
  3. Stairs between Level 1 and Level 2.
  4. Stairs between Level 1 and Level 2.
  5. Stream. Jumping into the stream here will take you back to the front part of Level 1. If you have a character with Constitution 16 (like Eder), or if you have Iverra's Diving Helmet (from the White March Part 2), then you'll be able to grab The Rose of Salthollow along the way.