Location: Endless Paths of Od Nua, Level 14-15

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1 - Adra Formation

When you click on the adra formation here, the spirit of Od Nua will appear. You'll learn from him that he isn't the Master Below -- an "old, ancient thing" is -- and that he built the Endless Paths to find a way to reunite with his dead son Maros.

Your conversation with Od Nua will either lead to a battle or not. To avoid the battle, you won't need to pass any attribute checks. You can end matters peacefully by being benevolent and recommending that he "let go" and not lose himself by trying to leave. If you want to fight him -- plus the named cean gwla and the wind blights that he'll summon -- then you can just select any of the attack dialogue options that come up. Either way, you'll find a Shroud of Mourning, and the barrier blocking the staircase leading down to Level 15 (Exit B) will disappear.

2 - Hidden Container

With enough Mechanics, you'll detect a hidden container here. Inside it you'll find a random magical item.

3 - Broken Staircase

4 - Adra Dragon

You'll have to deal with this dragon during the quest The Master Below. See that quest entry for suggestions on how to defeat her.

5 - Dragon Hoard

In this hoard you'll find Little Savior, Minoletta's Grimoire (containing all of Minoletta's spells and more), Puitente med Principi, Vengiatta Rugia, and Wendgar.

  1. Stairs up to Level 13.
  2. Stairs between Level 14 and Level 15.
  3. World exit.