Location: Stormwall Gorge

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You'll be able to visit the nothern part of Stormwall Gorge in Act I, and the upper part of Lle a Rhemen (Exit A) in Act II (provided you accept the quest The Bronze Beneath the Lake), but you won't be able to explore the entirety of both maps until Act III.

1 - Feral Druids

You'll encounter a handful or feral druids here. They'll drop a collection of "fine" equipment.

2 - Stone Circle

This stone circle will drain the upper entrance to Lle a Rhemen (Exit A), allowing you to go inside. If you accept the quest The Bronze Beneath the Lake, then you'll be able to unlock the circle yourself. Otherwise you'll have to wait until Act III for somebody else to do it.

3 - Hiravias

Hiravias is a druid and one of the companions in the game.

4 - Flooding

When you first arrive in Stormwall Gorge, the southern part of the map will be flooded, and you won't be able to descend past this point until Act III.

5 - Leaden Key Deathsquad

You'll encounter a Leaden Key deathsquad here. If you're cruel or aggressive plus honest or benevolent, then you'll be able to convince them to leave you alone. Otherwise you'll have to fight them. Interestingly, if you have Pallegina with you, then they'll mention that they're hunting her as well as you. After the battle when you loot the corpses, you'll find some "fine" equipment plus a Girdle of Maegfolc Might.

  1. Entrance to Lle a Rhemen (Upper).
  2. Entrance to Lle a Rhemen (Lower).