Location: Valewood

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1 - Corpse

You'll find Camping Supplies and more on this corpse.

2 - Bear Cave

You'll encounter a level 5 bear in this cave, so you might want to stay away when you first visit the map and come back later when you have some companions. After defeating the bear, you'll be able to commune with Perly's soul, and you'll learn that Nonton (#5) set him up. This will trigger the task Vengeance from the Grave. You can also detect a hidden container in the cave (next to the fire pit) containing a pair of Lockpicks and more.

3 - Xaurip Camp

You'll encounter three Xaurips here. After defeating them, you'll be able to grab some minor loot from a nearby corpse. With enough Mechanics, you'll also be able to detect some hidden gems in one of the huts.

4 - Damaged Cart

You'll find some Camping Supplies and more in a crate by the cart.

5 - Nonton

Nonton will tell you that he and his friend Perly were hunting for deer when they got attacked by a bear in the cave to the north (#2), and that Perly was killed in the encounter. This is a preview for the task Vengeance from the Grave, which you'll trigger in the bear cave.

6 - Bandit Camp

When you first catch sight of the bandits here, you'll see that they're forcing somebody named Tenfrith to cook for them. Then when you get closer, the bandits will attack you, so you might need to avoid the camp until you have some companions. Tenfrith and the bandits are involved in the task Late for Dinner.

7 - Broken Wall

At this spot in the wall, you'll find a point where you can climb up. To do this, you'll either need a Rope and Grappling Hook or a character with Athletics 5. At the top of the wall you'll discover a corpse carrying Fulvano's Gloves, a Scrawled Letter, and more. At the base of the wall you can detect a loose brick containing a Rotward Amulet and more.