Location: Oldsong

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1 - Hylea's Shrine

At this shrine you'll meet Casfath and Onwen, two priests of Hylea. They'll give you the quest The Nest Above the Clouds.

2 - Urwa

Urwa is a shopkeeper. She'll sell you a variety of ingredients and consumables.

3 - Galawain's Maw

Inside Galawain's Maw you'll meet two people of interest:
You can also detect a loose brick in the back of the Maw where the lioness Sul is hiding. Inside it you'll find a random magical item.

4 - Delem

Delem will give you the quest Songs of the Wild.

5 - Noonfrost

Noonfrost is involved in the quests Into the White Void and Prison of Ice. Nothing bad will happen if you kill all of the pale elves inside.

  1. Dock leading to Burial Isle. To use the dock, you'll either need to click on the boat icon or talk to Dorvhal and ask him to take you across.
  2. Stairs leading to Northweald and the Temple of Hylea.