Location: Heritage Hill

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1 - Justiciar

The justiciar here will warn you that "something unnatural" is going on in the district, and he'll refuse to let you in. To change his mind, you'll need Might 18, a 1000 cp bribe, or permission from Wyla, who can be found inside Crucible Keep in the First Fires district.

2 - Vault

Inside the vault here you'll find a Spellward Amulet.

3 - Valtas Mausoleum

This mausoleum is involved in the task Safe Haven. In a trapped sarcophagus inside, you'll find an Iridescent Scarab Figurine.

4 - Mausoleum

This mausoleum in involved in the task Missing Sentries.

5 - Valtas Manor

When you explore this manor, you'll trigger the task Safe Haven. In a back room in the manor you can pick up a Black and White Cat.

6 - Camping Supplies

You'll find Camping Supplies inside the containers at these two spots.

7 - Icantha's House

Icantha is involved in the quest Undying Heritage. You'll discover some prisoners locked in the back room of her house, where you'll also find Spiderfingers in a shelf. The prisoners can be used in Undying Heritage as well, or you can free them for a "minor" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.

8 - Tower

This tower is involved in the quest Undying Heritage. You won't be able to enter it until you've triggered the quest. On Level 2 you can pick up a Sigil of the Arcane.