Location: Copperlane

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1 - Rowan

Rowan is a member of the Dozens, one of the three factions in Defiance Bay. He'll give you an introduction to the Dozens and Defiance Bay.

2 - The Goose and Fox Inn

Inside the inn, you'll meet some noteworthy people:
You can also pick up the Bartender's Ring from a locked chest in the kitchen.

3 - Marketplace

You'll meet four shopkeepers in the marketplace:
  • Igrun. He'll sell you arms and armor, including Borresaine, Shatterstar, and The Dunryd Demon. He'll also have a full set of basic firearms for sale, just in case you failed to find anything useful in Act I.

  • Lora. She'll sell you gems, potions, rings, and scrolls.

  • Narmer. He'll sell you food ingredients, including Dragon Eggs and Dragon Meat.

  • Peregund. He'll sell you traps and Camping Supplies. If you retrieved his cargo during the task Ferry Flotsam, then his prices will be 15% cheaper. But if you didn't retrieve the cargo, then his prices will be 30% higher.

4 - Thieves' Hideout

When you enter this house, you'll overhear some thieves talking about a robbery they're planning. However, when they notice you, they'll attack. After the battle, when you loot the corpses, you'll find a Thieves' Letter. Reading the letter will trigger the quest A Two Story Job.

5 - Admeth's Den

Admeth's Den is the home of the Dozens, one of the three factions in Defiance Bay. Inside, you'll meet three people of interest:
You can also pick up a Geological Map from a locked chest in the back room. It can be used in the quest Cinders of Faith.

6 - Purnisc's House

Purnisc and his house are involved in the quest His Old Self.

7 - Lumdala's House

Lumdala's house is involved in the quest The Final Act. You won't be able to unlock the door in the house until you've gotten far enough along in that quest.

8 - Scriveners' Dormitory

Inside the dormitory you'll meet Coren. He's an addict who will sell you "herbs," including Snowcaps and Ripple Sponges. He's also involved in the quest Built to Last.

9 - Hall of Revealed Mysteries

The Hall is a temple / library dedicated to Wael. Inside it, you'll meet Grimda the High Archivist. She'll give you the task The Parable of Wael. You might also notice an archives room behind a locked door. The only way to enter that room without the priests and scriveners becoming angry is to complete Grimda's task (which will cause her to give you the key).

10 - Dalton

Dalton will give you the quest A Voice from the Past.

11 - Theater

On the eastern side of the theater you'll meet Lumdala and Kadal. They're both involved in the quest The Final Act. On the ground next to the pair, you can detect a loose flagstone hiding an Oaken Scarab Figurine and more.

12 - Gordy

Gordy will give you the task Something Secret.

  1. Entrance to the Copperlane Catacombs.