Location: Encampment

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1 - Camp

This is where you'll start in the game. If you explore the camp, then you'll meet Odema the caravan master and Heodan the merchant. Heodan will have some basic supplies for sale, and you'll have some money with you, so you can buy a new weapon or something else if you feel so inclined. Nobody will care if you loot the containers in the camp. If you can pick open the locked crate, then you'll find a Potion of Minor Endurance inside.

2 - Springberry

You'll need this Springberry for the quest A Moment's Respite, but you'll have to fight a Young Wolf to get to it.

3 - Corpse

On the corpse here you'll find Leather Armor and a Lockpick.

4 - Waterskin

You'll need to pick up this waterskin for the quest A Moment's Respite.

5 - Tent

If you search here with at least Mechanics 1, then you'll discover the pistol The Disappointer hidden inside the tent. The Disappointer is a bad weapon, but enchanting it can remove the negative bonuses, and it's one of the few firearms available early in the game.