Location: Endless Paths of Od Nua, Levels 9-11

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1 - Locked Door

To open this door, you'll either need to pick its level 11/12 lock, or you'll need to pick up the Old Copper Key (#2b).

2 - Spiked Floor Room

In this room you'll have to travel over spikes on the floor, which will cause 10 points of damage when you step on them. You'll also be able to loot some cages hanging from ropes. Most of the cages will be empty, but in one you'll find a Small Bronze Key (#2a), which will allow you to open the cage with an Old Copper Key (#2b), which will allow you to open the exit door (#2c). You can also use the Old Copper Key to unlock an earlier door (#1).

For best results, you should send your tank into the room to gather the keys and loot the skeleton (#3), and then unlock the earlier door (#1). That way, most of your party will never have to deal with the spikes.

3 - Skeleton

On this skeleton you'll find the unique spear Danulya.

4 - Hidden Sarcophagus

If you can detect this sarcophagus (which requires Mechanics 9), then inside you'll find a Ring of Protection.

5 - Secret Door

To open this secret door, you'll need to detect and press the panel on the opposite wall. In the room beyond you'll find a Broken Blade in a vase. You'll need the blade for the quest The Blade of the Endless Paths.

6 - Water

You'll find an Exceptional Great Sword in the puddle of water here.

7 - Locked Door

To open this door, you'll need the Adra Key (#9). In the room beyond, you'll encounter a variety of spirits, and one of them will drop the Rod of Pale Shades.

8 - Web Sac

You'll find Camping Supplies in this web sac.

9 - Web Sac

You'll find an Adra Key in this web sac. It will allow you to open the door to the west (#7).

10 - Swamp Spores

You'll encounter three Swamp Spores and more here. One of the spores will drop the unique wand Cgadob's Hazel when it dies.

Note: Always remember that when fighting spores, it's best to immediately retreat so you can defeat their helpers in one battle and then fight them alone.

11 - Corpse

You'll find Camping Supplies on the corpse here.

12 - Thick Vines

You'll be able to travel through the thick vines here (and thus skip a battle against the Giant Dank Spore, #13), but one character will get injured during the trip, and you won't be allowed to return the way you came.

13 - Giant Dank Spore

You'll encounter a Giant Sank Spore plus assorted minions here. The spore won't drop anything interesting when it dies, but one of the Menpwgras helping it will drop a Ring of Thorns, and nearby on a corpse you'll find the unique rapier Vierina's Leaves.

  1. Stairs up to Level 8.
  2. Stairs between Level 9 and Level 10.
  3. Stairs between Level 10 and Level 11.
  4. Stairs down to Level 12.
  5. World exit.