Location: Black Meadow

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1 - Bandit Camp

After defeating the bandits here, you'll find two things of interest to loot: a Shipment Crate, which you'll need for the quest The Smith's Shipment, and a Tattered Note, which will unlock a merchant for you in Ondra's Gift.

2 - Drake Skeleton

You can detect some gems hidden in the skull of the drake here.

3 - Shrine of Galawain

With enough Mechanics, you'll be able to detect some loot in the shrine: a Fine Wand, a Scroll of Nature's Mark, a Scroll of Ray of Fire, and more. The shrine is involved in the quest The Master Below.

4 - Corpse

On the corpse here you'll find Fulvano's Boots and more.

5 - Ransacked Camp

Near the camp to the east you'll discover two corpses. One will have a random fine weapon on it. In the camp itself, you can detect Camping Supplies, a Potion of Infuse with Vital Essence and more hidden in one of the tents.

6 - Overturned Cart

This cart, the ransacked camp (#5), and the bandit camp (#1) are all a part of the quest The Smith's Shipment.