Location: Dyrford Crossing

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1 - Hidden Skeleton

If you can detect the hidden skeleton here, then on it you'll find a Ring of Deflection.

2 - Corpse

You'll only be able to reach this corpse by traveling through the Grisly Cave (Exit A). On the corpse you'll find Skaen Cultist Robes, a Skaen Initiate's Hood, a Tattered Note, and a Skull Key. The corpse is just a hint that there is a Skaen cult in the area, and that Trygil (with his shop by a tower in Dyrford Village) is involved. The Skull Key can be used to open the way into the Dyrford Ruins (Exit A).

3 - Corpse

You'll find Boots of the Long March on the corpse here.

4 - Iron Brand

At this spot you'll run into a group of mercenaries called the Iron Brand. No matter what you say to them, they'll attack you. But with Resolve 13, you can scare Raolf and Norgar into leaving. If you're from the Living Lands, you can scare Elfya into leaving. After the battle when you loot the bodies, you'll find some "fine" and "exceptional" items, plus the Stag Helm (on Norgar, so don't scare him away).

5 - Drake Nest

You'll need to loot this nest for the task Nest Egg.

6 - Spider Ambush

There's a pretty good chance you'll get ambushed by two large groups of spiders here. The best thing you can do is back up when they come, so they'll have a tougher time surrounding you.

7 - Spider Queen

8 - Korgrak the Ogre

Korgrak is the main objective for the quest A Farmer's Plight.

  1. Stairs leading down into the Dyrford Ruins. To gain access to the stairs, you'll need to move a broken statue out of the way. You can do this by using the Skull Key (#2), Mechanics 8, Might 19, or a Hammer and Chisel plus a Prybar.
  2. Main entrance to the Grisly Cave.
  3. Back entrance to the Grisly Cave.