Location: Temple of Eothas

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1 - Wirtan

Wirtan will give you the quest Buried Secrets.

2 - Vision

You'll have a vision of the temple's rectrix here. Also at this spot, you can detect a loose brick hiding some random loot.

3 - Secret Door

This secret door will open automatically when you circle around and approach it from the northern side.

4 - Debris

In the debris here, you'll find a Fine Sword.

5 - Reading Room

On the floor of this room you can detect a hollow book containing an Engraved Silver Key, the Rectrix's Letter, and a Scroll of Fan of Flames. The key will allow you to unlock the door leading to Level 2 (#12).

6 - Crates

In the crates in this room you'll find Camping Supplies and an Initiate's Note.

7 - Box

In the box on the table here you'll find A Letter Home.

8 - Secret Door

To open this secret door, you'll need to detect and pull the wall sconce next to it (on the southern side).

9 - Vision

After defeating the skuldrs in this chamber, you'll have a vision about the ringing of the bells (#11).

10 - Trapped Crate

Inside this crate you'll find a random magical item.

11 - Bells

You can use these bells to open up the door right next to them -- provided you can figure out the right sequence. You'll get two clues for this. The Initiate's Note (#6) will tell you that the middle bell is rung second. A vision (#9) will tell you that the right bell is rung first and last. The correct sequence is right, middle, left, right.

12 - Locked Door

There are three ways to open this door: you can pick the lock if you have Mechanics 10, you can use the Engraved Silver Key if you can detect it (#5), or you can figure out the right way to ring the nearby bells (#11).

13 - Lectern

You can detect a hidden compartment behind the lectern here. Inside it you'll find several gems.

14 - Storage Room

Inside this room you'll find a Fine Estoc and more.

15 - Burial Room

Inside the two sarcophagi here, you'll find a Cloak of an Eothasian Priest and more. When you loot the cloak, a phantom will materialize and attack you.

16 - Valve

17 - Flooded Bath Room

To drain the flooding in this room, you'll need to turn the nearby valve (#16). Inside the room you'll find a discarded robe containing a Gleaming Silver Key. You'll probably need the key for the locked door to the east (#19).

18 - Sleeping Quarters

In this room you'll find A Crumpled Note, Lockpicks, and more.

19 - Locked Door

To open this door, you'll either need Mechanics 5 so you can pick the lock, or you'll need to use the Gleaming Silver Key (#17).

20 - Statue

On this statue you'll find The Pilgrim's Lasting Vigil.

21 - Vault

To enter the vault, you'll just need to pull the lever in the hallway leading to it. Inside, you'll find some chests that you can loot for Gaun's Share, a Prybar, and more. You'll also discover a dead priest whose soul you can read. You'll need to do this for the quest Buried Secrets. Finally, with enough Mechanics, you'll be able to detect a hidden crate containing some miscellaneous items.

22 - Candles

If you have Eder with you, then he'll tell you what the candles are for (a coming-of-age ritual). Nothing will happen if you snuff out one of them.

  1. Stairs up to Gilded Vale.
  2. Main stairs between Level 1 and Level 2.
  3. Back stairs between Level 1 and Level 2.