Location: Copperlane Catacombs

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1 - Dead Initiate

You'll discover a dead initiate of Woedica here, and when you examine his soul, you'll learn that he was killed by a troll. You'll meet the troll on the nearby bridge to the south.

2 - Secret Theater

You'll only gain access to this theater during the quest The Final Act. To open the door connecting it to the rest of the catacombs, you'll need to detect a floor plate in the theater.

3 - Trapped Sarcophagus

Inside this sarcophagus, you'll find a random magical item.

4 - Trapped Sarcophagus

Inside this sarcophagus you'll find Fine Mail Armor.

5 - Helig of Thein

Helig of Thein is involved in the quest A Voice from the Past. Near Helig in a crate you'll find a Tarnished Locket. The locket might look like it should be a quest item, but it's not used for anything.

6 - Eorn

Eorn is involved in the task Unwanted. He'll drop Rabbit Fur Gloves if he dies. You'll also find Camping Supplies in a nearby vase.

6 - Corpse

On the corpse here you'll find a Woedica Hood, which you can use as a disguise in the Temple of Woedica (Exit C).

  1. Stairs up to Copperlane.
  2. Stairs up to Lumdala's house in Copperlane.
  3. Stairs down to the Temple of Woedica.