Task: Unwanted

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There are two ways to trigger this quest: you can read one of the Edicts of Arrest found in Crucible Keep in First Fires (#1) or you can talk Eorn in the Copperlane Catacombs (#3).


The Edict of Arrest will let you know that an orlan named Eorn killed a Crucible Knight, and that as a result the Crucible Knights are looking for him. If you ask Aldmar (#2) about Eorn, then he'll tell you what he thinks of orlans -- not much -- and he'll suggest that you begin your search in the Copperlane Catacombs.

You'll find Eorn in the southern half of the catacombs (#3). He'll tell you that the Crucible Knight's death was an accident, and he'll beg you for mercy. You'll have a few ways to respond:
  • You can attack Eorn, or you can try to take him to Crucible Keep, which will cause him to attack you. After the battle you'll find Rabbit Fur Gloves on Eorn's corpse, and when you report back to Crucible Keep (#2), Aldmar will give you 200 cp, and you'll earn a "moderate" reputation bonus with the Crucible Knights. If you ask for a better reward from Aldmar, then he'll give you an additional 50 cp.

  • You can tell Aldmar about Eorn without fighting Eorn. For this case, Aldmar will give you 200 cp and you'll earn a "minor" reputation bonus with the Crucible Knights. Then if you return to Eorn's camp in the Copperlane Catacombs, you'll discover Eorn's corpse there, and it'll have the Rabbit Fur Gloves on it.

  • You can give Eorn 300 cp so he can make his escape. He'll give you his Rabbit Fur Gloves before leaving. Later, you'll meet Eorn again in Dyrford Village (inside the Dracogen Inn), and talking to him there will earn you a "minor" reputation bonus with the village.

  • You can take Eorn prisoner, provided you've built the Dungeons at Caed Nua. You won't earn anything extra this way.

1 - Edict of Arrest

2 - Aldmar

3 - Eorn




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