Task: Vengeance from the Grave

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When you reach the southern edge of Valewood, you'll meet a hunter named Nonton (#1). He'll tell you that he and his partner Perly were out hunting deer when they got ambushed by a bear, and that Perly didn't survive. When you explore the bear's cave (#2), you'll encounter the bear, which might be a little nasty for you at the start of the game. If so, then just head south to Gilded Vale, where you can pick up a couple of companions, and eventually try again.

After defeating the bear, you'll be able to commune with Perly's soul, and you'll learn that Nonton lured him into the cave and then hamstrung him with a knife to make him easy prey for the bear. Learning this information will trigger the task.


For this part of the quest, you'll find Nonton in Gilded Vale. He'll be in Ingroed's -- that is, Perly's wife's -- house (#3), and when you enter you'll notice that the couple is packing up to leave. Then when you talk to them, you'll learn that Perly was "cruel" and a "beast." This will give you a few ways to proceed:
  • You can accept money to keep quiet. This will earn you 50 cp.

  • You can attack the pair, or threaten to turn them in to the magistrate, which will cause them to attack you. You'll find a bit of loot on their bodies, including a Minor Ring of Deflection.

  • You can benevolently allow the couple to leave. Ingroed will give you her Minor Ring of Deflection, and you'll earn a "moderate" reputation bonus with Gilded Vale.

  • You can tell the couple to get lost. You won't get any sort of extra reward.
If Nonton and Ingroed survive the encounter, then you'll meet them again inside the Charred Barrel in the Brackenbury district of Defiance Bay.

1 - Nonton

2 - Bear Cave

3 - Ingroed's House




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