Task: The Forgotten

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You'll receive this quest from Vicent Agosti in the Vailian Embassy in the First Fires district (#1), but only after you've recruited Pallegina to your party. You'll meet Pallegina in Ondra's Gift. She'll become available to you after you've completed the quest At All Costs.


Agosti will tell you that an adventuring group called the Forgotten has been looting Engwithan ruins in the area, and selling the relics they find to interested parties. Since transactions like this are illegal, Agosti will ask you to put a stop to the Forgotten -- but not by killing them. He'll want you to go undercover and pose as a buyer, and see if you can suss out how their operation works.

You'll encounter the Forgotten in the middle of Aedelwan Bridge (#2). When they spot you, they'll ask you what you want with them, and you'll have two ways to respond: you can simply attack them, or you can use Agosti's cover and pretend to be a buyer. If you choose the latter option, then the leader of the Forgotten will reveal how their transactions work. However, at the end of your conversation, the Forgotten will discover that you've been lying to them, and they'll attack you. So you'll have to fight them no matter what.

The battle against the Forgotten should not be wildly difficult. They'll have six members just like you, but their equipment won't be nearly as good, and it shouldn't take you long to kill them. If you attack the Forgotten right away, then just realize that their rogue will sneak up behind you during the fight and probably take down one of your casters quickly. But if you talk to the Forgotten first, then the rogue will start out in front of you and be easier to deal with. The Forgotten members will drop a lot of "fine" equipment when they die, plus Sanguine Plate.

When you return to Agosti, regardless of how you handled the Forgotten, he'll reward you with five Emeralds, and you'll also receive a "major" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.

1 - Vailian Embassy

2 - The Forgotten




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