Task: Songs of the Wild

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You'll receive this quest from Delem in Oldsong (#1).


Delem will tell you that people are ignoring his songs -- but that he has a solution. He'll ask you to bring him three rare songbirds so he can eat them and absorb their "musical energy." The three songbirds are listed below:
  • Cloudsinger Songbird. You'll find it in a nest in the Temple of Hylea (#3).

  • Shardwing Songbird. You'll find it in a bush by the adra arch in Elmshore (#4).

  • Tiam Songbird. You'll find it in a crate in Llensi's dwelling in Hearthsong (#5). To convince Llensi to let you have it, you'll either need to lie to her that you're going to set it free (this requires Intellect 14), or you'll need to threaten her that you're going to tear it in half (this requires Resolve 12). You can also kill Llensi, which will allow you to loot the bird freely. Interestingly, only threatening Llensi will cost you reputation points with Twin Elms.
However, you're not actually required to find the birds. If you talk to Llensi or Onwen (#2) about eating songbirds, then they'll tell you how silly Delem's idea is. If you relay this information to Delem, then he'll decide to "find some inspiration from within," and you'll complete the quest without the birds. Of course, you won't earn a reward this way, and you'll lose a "minor" amount of reputation with Twin Elms.

If you do collect the birds, then you still won't need to give them to Delem. For each bird, you might be able to convince him not to eat it through regular dialogue options, but failing that there are Intellect 13, Perception 14, and Resolve 14 options (one for each bird) that you can use to keep the birds safe. Regardless of what you do with the birds -- give them, save them, or some combination of the two -- at the end of the quest you'll earn the Song of the Heavens talent (+1 Perception, +2 Shock DR). You'll also receive a "minor" amount of reputation with Twin Elms.

1 - Delem

2 - Onwen

3 - Nest

4 - Bush

5 - Llensi's Dwelling




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