Task: All Hands on Deck

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You'll receive this task from Marceno in Ondra's Gift (#1).


Marceno will tell you that he was unloading Captain Fortanero's Sea Chest when he got distracted by the Salty Mast for a while, and that when he came back the chest was gone. He'll then inform you that the chest is heavy and locked -- and thus hopefully still unopened -- and he'll ask you to search for it.

You'll find the chest -- plus Waldr "Three Fingers" and his gang of thugs -- on the eastern side of the district (#2). When you get close to them, they'll attack you. None of the thugs will have anything resembling good equipment, meaning the battle should be fairly easy to win.

Afterwards, when you click on the chest, you'll get an option to open it. You'll only be able to do this if your main character has Mechanics 4. Inside you'll find Captain Fortanero's Hat and Fortanero's Rapier.

When you take the chest back to Marceno, you'll be given a few ways to respond:
  • If you didn't open the chest, then you'll only be able to return it to Marceno. He'll reward you with 300 cp, and you'll also earn a "moderate" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay. If you tell Marceno to keep his money, then he'll give you a Drinking Horn of Moderation in its place. If you ask him for a greater reward, then he'll add the drinking horn to the money he already gave you, but you'll only earn a "minor" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.

  • If you opened the chest, then you'll get three options. If you hand over the hat and rapier along with the chest, or if you simply give Marceno the looted chest without saying anything, then you'll earn the same reward as if you had handed in the unopened chest. If you keep the hat and rapier and tell Marceno what you're doing, then you'll earn a "minor" reputation penalty with Defiance Bay.

1 - Marceno

2 - Sea Chest




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