Main Quest: Undying Heritage

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You'll receive this quest from the shrouded woman in the Temple of Woedica at the end of the quest Never Far from the Queen.


For this quest you'll need to find an ancient tower located near a cemetery in Defiance Bay. If you ask the justiciars in Defiance Bay where you might find such a tower, then they'll point you to Heritage Hill.

When you arrive in Heritage Hill, a justiciar out front (#1) will warn you that "something unnatural" is going on in the district, and he'll refuse to let you enter. To change his mind, you'll need Might 18, a 1000 cp bribe, or permission from Wyla, who can be found inside Crucible Keep in the First Fires district.

The tower is located on the western side of Heritage Hill (#2). Inside you'll have to fight off a bunch of guls and skeletons, but you'll discover a strange, pulsating machine running the length of the tower, and you'll also find several notes from an alchemist named Aldhelm describing his progress with it.

When you reach the top of the tower, you'll meet Aldhelm, who you'll discover is now a gul. He'll tell you that he was investigating the machine in the tower, when a masked man wearing knives broke in, killed him and his team, and turned on the machine. Worse, he'll inform you that the machine is keeping souls in dead bodies, which is why Heritage Hill has had so many problems recently. Finally, Aldhelm will tell you that somebody named Icantha can read Engwithan runes, and that with her help you should be able to shut the machine down.

You'll find Icantha in her house north of the tower (#3). At first she won't want anything to do with you or Aldhelm, but eventually you'll wear her down, and she'll teach you to read a few Engwithan runes. This will trigger memories from one of your former lives, and you'll suddenly be able to read the entire Engwithan language.

When you return to the top of the tower, you'll have three options for how to deal with the machine:
  • You can select the "end" command. This will stop the machine and return everything to normal. You'll earn a "major" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.

  • You can overload the machine. This will destroy the machine so it can never be used again. You'll earn an "extraordinary" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.

  • You can redirect some of the essence from the machine into yourself. To get this option, you'll have to feed Aldhelm. You'll find food for him in Icantha's house (#3) -- her prisoners. When you tell them that the top of the tower is safe, they'll automatically go there and get eaten. Then when you talk to Aldelm, he'll describe how to manipulate the machine. You'll end up with the talent Gift from the Machine, which will give you +1 Might and +5% Maximum Endurance. You'll also earn a "moderate" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.

    Note: If you free Icantha's prisoners instead of sending them to Aldhelm, then you'll receive a "minor" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.
Note: After completing the quest, the next time you visit Hadret House in Brackenbury, you'll meet a courier out front who will give you the unique pistol St. Garam's Spark.

1 - Justiciar

2 - Tower

3 - Icantha's House




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