Location: First Fires

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1 - Crucible Keep

Crucible Keep is the home of the Crucible Knights, one of the three factions in Defiance Bay. You'll meet a few people of importance inside the keep:

2 - Ducal Palace

The ducal palace is the site of Defiance Bay's animancy hearings, which you'll participate in during the quest The Hermit of Hadret House. You'll also meet a pair of NPCs inside: Fyrga, who will give you the quest Cinders of Faith, and the Records Keeper, who is involved in Eder's quest Fragments of a Scattered Faith.

3 - Vailian Embassy

Inside the Embassy you'll meet Vicent Agosti. He'll give you the task The Forgotten, and he's also involved in Pallegina's quest The Child of Five Suns. In a back room of the embassy, you'll find an Obsidian Lamp Figurine in a locked chest.

  1. Stairs to the Temple of Woedica. These stairs will start out blocked. You'll only be able to use them after completing the quest Never Far from the Queen. To reach the Temple of Woedica before then, you'll need to find the passage leading to it in the Copperlane Catacombs.