Location: Magran's Fork

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1 - Foelmar

When you talk to Foelmar, you'll learn that he's a merchant, but before either of you can say much, you'll get ambushed by a wolf. Afterwards, Foelmar will give you three Potions of Minor Endurance, and he'll return to Gilded Vale (or so he'll claim; you won't see him again).

2 - Shrine of Magran

You'll meet the priest Durance next to the shrine here. He's one of the companions in the game. You can also detect some minor loot in the debris next to the shrine.

During Act II, you'll meet Gramrfel the Wayfarer and a few of his friends here. If you talk to them then they'll attack you, and you'll find Dead Man Stands on Gramrfel's corpse.

3 - Adra Formation

Right next to the formation, you'll discover a corpse carrying a random fine weapon.

4 - Corpse

On the corpse here you'll find a Chewed Letter and Fulvano's Amulet. You'll probably have to defeat a Forest Troll to reach the corpse.

5 - Attack

At this spot you'll get attacked by Ludrana and a pair of Goldpact Paladins. From Ludrana's Orders, you'll (eventually) learn that Ludrana was working for Osrya at Raedric's Hold.

6 - Ruined House

Inside this house you can find some useful gear, including a Lockpick, a Rope and Grappling Hook, and Camping Supplies. During the quest Lord of a Barren Land, you'll learn that this house is Kolsc's hideout.