Location: Dyrford Ruins

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1 - Locked Doors

To open these three doors, you can either use Mechanics 8-9 or the Crypt's Master Key (#9).

2 - Locked Doors

To open these two doors, you can either use Mechanics 6-8 or the Old Dungeon Key (#6).

3 - Broken Bridge

To cross the chasm where the bridge used to be, you'll need a Rope and Grappling Hook (found at #4 and #5).

4 - Crates / Chest

Inside each of these three containers, you'll find a Rope and Grappling Hook.

5 - Trapped Chest

You'll find a random magical item plus a Rope and Grappling Hook in this chest.

6 - Chest

Inside this chest you'll find three Lockpicks, a List of Names, and the Old Dungeon Key. The key will allow you to open a pair of nearby locked doors (#2).

7 - Locked Chest

Inside this chest you'll find a set of Camping Supplies.

8 - Blood Pool

If you interact with the pool here, and if you have a reputation of at least Cruel 1, then the pool will allow you to sacrifice one of your companions to it. If you take advantage of this offer, then you'll earn the Effigy's Resentment talent, which will give you a bonus depending on the companion you let go.
  • Aloth: +1 Intellect, +5 Reflex
  • Durance: +1 Constitution, +5% Maximum Endurance
  • Eder: +1 Might, +2 Deflection
  • Grieving Mother: +1 Resolve, +5 Defense against Charmed attacks, +5 Defense against Dominated attacks
  • Hiravius: +1 Dexterity, +1 DR (Slash)
  • Kana: +1 Intellect, +5 Defense against Prone attacks, +5 Defense against Hobbled
  • Pallegina: +1 Resolve, +1 DR (Shock)
  • Sagani: +1 Perception, +2 Accuracy when attacking same target as ally
You can't sacrifice a player-created companion.

9 - Table

On the table here you'll find the Crypt's Master Key, which will unlock three doors in the ruins (#1).

10 - Ritual Chamber

Inside this chamber you'll meet Wymund and Aelys, who are a part of the quest Blood Legacy. If you kill Wymund, then he'll drop an Exceptional Morning Star, Blood-Blessed Skaen Cultist Robes, and a key. The key will open the locked chest in the chamber, inside of which you'll find the unique dagger Aattuuk. You can also pick open the chest.

11 - Secret Door

You'll only be able to open this door by pulling the lever on its eastern side.

  1. Stairs up to Dyrford Crossing.
  2. Ladder up to the broken tower behind Trygil's Curriery in Dyrford Village.