Location: Dyrford Village

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1 - Temple of Berath

You can meet two priests in the temple, Celby and Beodmar, although Beodmar will often be "out of town," which means you won't get a chance to meet him until Act II. Beodmar is involved in the quest Through Death's Gate.

2 - Medreth

You'll meet Medreth and a handful of cowled figures here. Medreth will give you the task Cat and Mouse.

3 - House Harond Guard

As you cross the bridge leading into Dyrford Village, the guard here will ask to speak to you. If you comply, then he'll give you the quest Blood Legacy.

4 - Mill

5 - Rumbald

Rumbald will give you the quest A Farmer's Plight.

6 - Winfrith's Arms and Armory

Winfrith will sell you some useful weapons and armor, including Angio's Gambeson, Ritezzi's Thorn, and Tall Grass.

7 - Grieving Mother

The Grieving Mother is a cipher and one of the companions in the game.

8 - Hendyna

Hendyna will sell you a variety of potions and ingredients, and she'll also give you the task Nest Egg.

9 - Trygil's Curriery

Trygil will sell you leather armors and daggers, including some "exceptional" items, plus a Girdle of Mortal Protection and a Trollhide Belt. Trygil is also involved in the quest Blood Legacy.

The back room of Trygil's shop contains a ladder leading down into the Dyrford Ruins. However, if you try to go through the locked door leading to the back room, then Trygil and his assistant Sabhan will attack you. You'll find the key for the back room door hidden in one of the dying vats.

10 - Dracogen Inn

You'll meet a couple of important people in the inn. Lord Harond (located downstairs by the bar) is involved in the quest Blood Legacy. Nyfre (upstairs in a bedroom) is involved in the task Cat and Mouse. You can also find the Guildmaster's Staff hidden under a floorboard in one of the upstairs bedrooms.