Main Quest: Through Death's Gate

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You'll receive this quest from the shrouded woman in the Temple of Woedica at the end of the quest Never Far from the Queen.


For this quest you'll need to investigate some "mysterious ruins" located near Dyrford Village. To travel to the ruins, you'll need to find somebody in Dyrford Village who can tell you where they are. That somebody is Harbinger Beodmar. You'll meet him inside the Temple of Berath (he was previously "out of town").

Beodmar will inform you that the ruins are named Cliaban Rilag, and he'll mark their location to your world map. Beodmar will also give you two warnings: that the ruins are guarded by the Glanfathans, and that the Leaden Key might already be there. To reach Cliaban Rilag, you'll need to travel to Dyrford Crossing and exit the area to the north.

At Cliaban Rilag, you'll encounter some Glanfathans from the Three-Tusk Stelgaer tribe (#1) guarding the main entrance (Exit A). They won't let you pass, even when you tell them that the Leaden Key is inside, so you'll either need to kill them or cross over a broken bridge to the north (#2) so you can enter via the back entrance (Exit B).

Inside the ruins, you'll need to visit the strange machine at the back of Level 1 (#3), which will require you to take a detour down to Level 2 (via Exits C and D). You'll recognize the machine as being identical to the one you saw in Cilant Lis at the start of the game, and after communing with the soul of one of the ashen effigies next to it, you'll realize that the Leaden Key is for some reason causing the Hollowborn problem in the area.

1 - Glanfathans

2 - Broken Bridge

3 - Machine

  1. Main entrance into Cliaban Rilag.
  2. Back entrance into Cliaban Rilag.
  3. Stairs between Level 1 and Level 2.
  4. Stairs between Level 1 and Level 2.




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