Side Quest: Winds of Steel

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You'll receive this quest from Commander Clyver inside Crucible Keep in the First Fires district (#1), but only after completing the quest Built to Last.

Note: Accepting this quest will prevent you from accepting the quests The Bronze Beneath the Lake (The Dozens) and The Changing of the Guard (House Doemenel), which means you'll be making the Crucible Knights your faction of choice in Defiance Bay.


Commander Clyver will give you a Copy of Vianna's Research, and he'll ask you to deliver it to Commander Aranroed in Anslog's Compass. However, he'll inform you that the Dozens might know of the meeting, and he'll warn you to be careful.

Anslog's Compass is located to the northwest of Defiance Bay. You'll meet Aranroed at the dock there (#2). However, when you hand over the research, you'll get attacked by a group of Dozens mercenaries. The battle should not be difficult. You'll lose "minor" reputation with the Dozens for each mercenary you kill, but you'll earn a "major" reputation bonus with the Crucible Knights at the end of the battle. Surprisingly, it won't make any difference if Aranroed survives or not.

When you return to Crucible Keep, you'll discover that the forge knights have gone berserk and have started attacking the Crucible Knights. You'll then need to prowl the grounds, killing any forge knights you come across. You'll need to kill about a dozen in all. If you're feeling greedy, then you can allow the forge knights to win their battles before attacking them, so you'll be able to loot more equipment. No named NPCs will die in the fighting, so the sequence won't break any quests.

When you make it back to Commander Clyver, you'll get a chance to convince him to keep working with the research or drop it. Regardless, Clyver will reward you with the unique sword Shame or Glory plus a suit of Crucible Knight Officer Armor, you'll earn an "extraordinary" reputation bonus with the Crucible Knights, and you'll earn a "moderate" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay. You'll also receive the Second Skin talent, which will increase your armor DR by +2.

1 - Crucible Keep

2 - Dock




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