Task: The Parable of Wael

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You'll receive this task from Grimda in the Hall of Revealed Mysteries in Copperlane.


Grimda will tell you that thieves recently infiltrated the temple and stole a valuable Scroll of Wael. She'll then ask you to get the scroll back, and she'll inform you that the thieves are currently holed up at a farm somewhere on the road to Dyrford Village.

You'll find the thieves at the farm house in the southwestern corner of Woodend Plains (#1). There will be several of them there, including four named ones. After the battle, you'll find the Sun-Touched Mail of Hyran Rath on Beacwof's corpse and the Scroll of Wael on Iben's corpse. However, when you loot the corpses, Wael will speak to you, and he'll ask you to hide his scroll under the skull of the east-facing drake skeleton in Black Meadow.

This will give you two ways to complete the quest:
  • You can deliver the scroll of Grimda. This will make her happy, and she'll reward you with a Footpad's Hood and the Key to the Elder Archives, which will make completing the quest The Theorems of Pandgram much easier. You'll also earn a "minor" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay.

  • You can bury the scroll in Black Meadow. You'll find the correct drake skeleton on the eastern side of the map (#2). You'll just need to click on the drake's skull to bury the scroll. Wael will say, "Well done, Watcher," but he won't give you a reward. Then when you return to Grimda, she'll respond to your story in one of two ways. If you're playing a believable character, then you'll earn the same reward as if you had brought her the scroll instead of burying it: a Footpad's Hood, the Key to the Elder Archive, and a "minor" reputation bonus with Defiance Bay. But if you're at least Deceptive 2, then she won't believe you, and you won't earn a reward from her or a reputation bonus.

1 - Thieves

2 - Drake Skeleton




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