Companion Quest: Dream and Memory
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You'll receive this quest when you add the Grieving Mother to your party in Dyrford Village.


For this quest, you'll need to have conversations with the Grieving Mother, which you'll need to initiate yourself (that is, you'll need to click on the Grieving Mother's portrait and then click on the dialogue icon). You won't be able to have all of the conversations right away. For some of them, the Grieving Mother will need time to become comfortable discussing sensitive topics with you. That means if you're not planning to use the Grieving Mother as one of your core party members, then you'll probably have a tough time completing the quest.

You'll be able to have your first conversation with the Grieving Mother right after recruiting her. The topic for this conversation will be the vision / memory / dream you shared when you first met her. The Grieving Mother will ask you three questions about the vision, which you'll need to answer correctly:
  • "A huge forest..."
  • "It was silver adra..."
  • "I am not sure..."
If you get an answer wrong, then the Grieving Mother will let you know, and you'll be able to try again. After answering the questions correctly, several new conversation topics will become available, which you should exhaust completely. You'll learn about the Birthing Bell, and how the Grieving Mother pretended to be a Watcher when she "read" the souls of newborn children.

You'll have your second vision with the Grieving Mother when you rest at some point during Act III. Afterwards, you'll be able to ask her about the bracelet that she wears, and about the Hollowborn, but she won't want to talk about those things right away.

Later, at some point when you rest again, you'll have another vision, and this time you'll witness the Grieving Mother delivering a Hollowborn child, and fooling the mother into believing that it is normal. When you talk to the Mother about this, she'll suddenly start acting like a Hollowborn herself, and you'll have to coax her back to reality. You'll have two ways to do this: by sharing a memory of peace and comfort with her, or by telling her, "Your soul is strong." If you choose the wrong option twice, then the Grieving Mother will leave your party and disappear from the game.

When you talk to the Grieving Mother about the Hollowborn child from your vision, you'll learn that she fooled numerous mothers in her village -- until the strain became too great and the illusions snapped. You'll then be able to agree or disagree with her actions, and that's how the quest will end.




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