Main Quest: Court of the Penitents
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You'll receive this quest at the conclusion of the quest The Assassin at Large.


For this quest you'll need to travel to Breith Eaman, aka the Court of the Penitents. It'll take you a few steps to get there. You'll need to travel to Oldsong, then take the boat to Burial Isle, and then jump into the pit in the northern part of the island. The last part is one-way. Jumping down into Breith Eaman will lock you into the game's finale sequence.

So be sure you've completed any side quests that you're interested in, and also do any shopping that you think will be useful (such as buying potions or Camping Supplies), and then jump down. Also make sure that you've gained the favor of one of the gods (accomplished during the quest Council of Stars), or else the jump will prove fatal.

Note: The game will create a special autosave when you jump down, so you won't need to make one yourself. This is the save you'll probably want to use if you later purchase any of the game's DLC packs.




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