Main Quest: The Assassin at Large

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You'll receive this quest at the conclusion of the quest The Hermit of Hadret House.


At the start of the quest (and Act III) you'll find yourself on Aedelwan Bridge. Because of the animancy riots in Defiance Bay, that city will be closed to you, and you won't be allowed to go back inside. This is only temporary, however. When you make your way to Twin Elms, Defiance Bay will open back up.

Your goal in this quest is to look for signs of Thaos in Twin Elms. When you first arrive in that city, you'll learn that "estramorwn" like you aren't allowed to explore anywhere other than the Hearthsong district. To get permission to visit the other districts, you'll need to talk to Anamenfath Bethwl in the Passage of the Six (#1). During your conversation with her, you'll have a vision of her ancestor Ferwlt, and it'll come out that you're a Watcher. Bethwl will then give you permission to move around the city freely, even though she earlier gave Thaos the same permission and now regrets it. For meeting Bethwl you'll earn a "minor" reputation bonus with Twin Elms.

For information about Thaos, you'll need to head to Teir Evron in Elm's Reach (#2). When you get there, you'll be stopped by the delemgan sisters Sidha and Rihenwn. No matter what you say to them, they'll inform you that Thaos has gone to the buried city Sun in Shadow, and that he's blocked the entrance behind him. However, the sisters will reveal that there's a "shortcut" to the city. All you'll need to do is jump into the pit leading to the depths beneath Burial Isle -- after gaining the favor of one of the gods so the fall doesn't kill you. This information will trigger your next to main quests: Council of Stars (gaining support from the gods) and Court of the Penitents (jumping into the pit).

1 - The Passage of the Six

2 - Teir Evron




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